Destroy All Dolphins

My name:
Albert Killingston
My career: Professional Dolphin Hunter
Brief Bio: I know what dolphins are really up to and that is why I will hunt them to the day I die. I spent four years in the Marines before being asked to leave and since then have been in prison on two occasions for charges that were never fully substantiated. My training and harsh life has prepared me for any challenge, especially the challenge of hunting dolphins. This combined with an intense hatred for dolphins has made me the world premier dolphin hunter.

I punch dolpins because they are evil.
This is me doing the right thing everyday. Make him 

Would you like to know something about my quest to hunt down every last dolphin? Are you just interested in how dolphins try to kill us everyday? Maybe you should look at these facts. There are two of them: Fact 1 and Fact 2.

If you want to know more about me and why I alone have the guts to do what has to be done, you should read my biography.

Want some food for thought? You should read my thought provoking questions.

Here are some people that know the truth. Some of them think this is some kind of joke, but some of them are true brothers in arms.